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Bare your necks...

For the only fate that awaits the nobility...

                                IS DEATH.


This is an independent roleplay and ask blog for D of the Vampire Hunter D franchise. The moderator of the blog is willing to rp D from the manga adaptations, the animated adaptations and the novels where he originally came from. 

The moderator of this blog has 2 years of roleplaying experience on Tumblr and 5 off of Tumblr. 

Open to most interactions outside of the VHD fandom. This blog welcomes crossovers, AUs, and is generally multiverse and panfandom.

Moderator is a very friendly person once you bypass their shyness barrier. Never feel intimidated to talk to them at all, they welcome the interaction greatly.

Forever and always striving to better their portrayal of D because D is a wonderful character.

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img052 by drogulus on Flickr.

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elizawilczka ;  
"I wonder how loudly I can make you scream in agony?"

   This mere insect?

            Make him-scream in agony?

                Is this a jest coming from a deluded mind? Perhaps so.


                       I WILL TEACH YOU THE MEANING OF AGONY! 

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Fear unknown to her swarms as suffocation contrasts the frantic beat abreast. Darkness polluted with blood and iron, grates neath taloned feet a furnace. What beckons the knight tried and true to horrors unexplored?

Naught an answer sates the thirst for the light, the calming rains of Burmecias skies, a grotesque figure ahead jarring the very core of mighty will she has lost control. Shivering hands cling to weaponed companion, a lance of bone carved, a spirit contained as guardian to mistress who calls aid. 

For the first time… his spirit is unsettled, near unwilling to brawl this towering pyramid-masked one.

I… am a traveler unwilling in a realm shrouded in darkness… this is where I had been lead by everything and nothing, horrors unspeakable beckoned this unfortunate meeting betwixt us!”image

Fear…anxiety…anticipation, the judge could smell it radiating off of this woman’s being. Such aromas were always pleasant, always welcomed. The monster would not tolerate anything less. His frame still towered over her, allowing his shadow to stretch far beyond his immediate reach, the judge remained silent. Thinking to himself.

Not many people succeed in journeying so far in this rotten hell hole he called home towards his throne room. At least not in one piece that is. Impressive to say the least, he’ll let this one live since her soul wasn’t tainted in sin like his other intruders. Slowly setting himself back onto his throne, a pale and scarred hand extended out before him…

             and beckoned the woman to come forth. Perhaps this one could provide entertainment that was much needed. 

   What is your name?


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                     Something was not right.

 It felt as though…someone else besides he was occupying his throne room. The scent belonged to a mortal, someone beyond the underworld. This would not do…this was unacceptable. 

    The judge stood from his chair, rising to full height. A well over seven foot tall monstrosity was looming over the stranger that dare approach him when he was supposed to be a peace.


                               Why have you come here? 

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Well this man certainly had a lot of…Guilt harbored in his heart and soul, the destruction of an entire city, countless deaths caused by his greed and a future filled with biowar weapons thanks to his virus…Quite the few bad deeds this man had…however he looked upon the helmeted man, the virus making him shiver….

"….What are you?"

   What was he?

        Why he was judge of all the damned souls of course. The one that passes his verdict among the spirits who cry out in guilt and shame—the souls that so desperately desired a cure for their sinful ways. His punishment would be their cure—the release from their carnal—wicked ways. With a slow step forward the ground shook underneath the raw power this incredible beast exuded.


                 am your


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        [      is fleeting.     ]

                     But DEATH

                                        is FOREVER.

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